Driving Real Business Value for Small and Midsize Enterprises

In today’s global Net-economy, business is fueled by communication networks. Your customers, business partners, suppliers and distributors are all communicating with your business at an unparalleled pace. Regardless of your enterprise size and structure – standalone business, multi-site branch office, franchise operation, or a department within a large enterprise – building the right communications network is critical to driving the competitive advantage your business needs now and into the future.

The FX II is a powerful, unified voice solution that is the cornerstone of your communications network … enhancing your business … transforming the way you communicate…and, connecting your world. Designed exclusively to meet the communication needs of small and midsize enterprises, the FX II empowers your communications network with the flexibility your growing business needs and the reliability people communicating with your business demand. Go ahead. Relax. Focus on what’s most important, growing your bottom-line…not your communications network!

The FX II has got it covered!

Enhancing Your Business Power.

The FX II delivers all the rich features you’ve come to expect in a voice communications system. In addition to standard capabilities, such as paging, conferencing, and DID support, the FX II also includes a built-in, multi-port conference bridge (Meet Me Conference) that can facilitate the flow of information to geographically dispersed participants. This easy-to-use and cost-effective business tool is ideal for training sessions, remote meetings, client presentations, and more. The FX II is a communication solution powerful enough to help you achieve your business goals.


The FX II leverages the foundations of traditional, digital telephony solutions, while taking advantage of the latest in converged network technology. With a wide variety of connectivity options, including analog and digital PSTN, T1, and PRI, the FX II will continue to meet the evolving needs of your business. When your business expands to include branch offices, teleworkers, and road warriors, the FX II is ready to respond, utilizing state-of-the-art IP telephony. With a simple upgrade, users will transparently cross your global communications network allowing your business to realize the efficiencies of universal functions, end-user familiarity, connectivity cost savings, and much more.

With hundreds of robust features and the power to harness emerging IP telephony technologies, packed into one, easy-to-use system, you can be confident that with the FX II, your voice communications needs will be met, in fact, exceeded.

Transforming Your Communications.

To users, telephones are the phone system. They are the key interface to all aspects of your business – internal, external, business to- business, and business-to-customer. From the receptionist’s desk to the boardroom, and everywhere in between – even remote teleworkers – the FX II offers a wide range of quality, powerful and easy-to-use telephones to meet any need.

Comdial / Vertical FXII

You expect more from your communications system than simply connecting voice calls. Whether it’s improving your customer service, increasing productivity, or simplifying the flow of information, your business demands continual improvements from your communications systems. To remain competitive, you need intelligent tools to power your business improvements. The FX II offers a comprehensive suite of tools to help achieve the business improvements your business needs to prosper and edge-out the competition. Combining scalability with flexibility, the FX II’s integrated applications let you tailor the solution that is right for your growing business. Drive business value where you need it most today, and rest assured that your investment is safe into tomorrow.

Base Configuration • Single cabinet – 6 universal slots
Maximum Configuration • Five cabinets – 30 universal slots
Maximum IP Stations • 128
Maximum Digital Stations • 480
Maximum Analog Stations • 480
Maximum Lines • 240
Types of Lines Supported • Loop
• Ground Start
• E&M
• T1
Types of Stations Supported • Digital
• Analog
• IP
Digital Telephones Supported • Impact SCS
• Impact Classic
IP Telephones Supported • iPrimo
System Networking • VOIP
Voice Mail • Interchange
• Corporate Office
Computer Telephony Applications (CTI) • Impact Attendant
• Impact Group
• Impact Call
• Corporate Call
Call Center Solutions • QuickQ ACD
• Enhanced Customer Service (ECS)
Comdial / Vertical FXII

Delivering Real Value … Peace of Mind
The FX II combines field-proven traditional digital telephony; leading-edge IP telephony; and a rich set of communications features that are capable of addressing the integration, flexibility, and scalability needs of almost any small to midsize organization. Combine these strengths with rapid deployment, ease of use, proven reliability and unprecedented affordability, and the FX II delivers real value to your growing business.