The business phone solution marketplace has reached a tipping point where companies seeking a new system are more likely to consider a cloud-hosted VoIP system over a traditional system. While this shift is significant, it’s not surprising given the mature state of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology and the broad adoption of cloud-based business systems in the office setting. The fact is traditional business phone systems – defined by standard phone lines or the "on-premise PBX" – have been in place for decades.

Today, there is a momentous shift toward hosted VoIP solutions. At the heart of it all is the convergence of VoIP technology and cloud hosting that allow next-generation calling features, integrated mobile access, and efficiencies that often keep costs lower than traditional solutions. The result for many businesses is a better phone system and the opportunity to improve operations and customer service. Plus, the return on investment can be dramatic. Let’s explore how businesses like yours are doing more with cloud-based phone technology – and take a comparative look at business VoIP. The pages ahead reveal why more business owners are moving away from traditional phone solutions in favor of cloud-based systems.

Out With the Old In with VoIP
Vonage Hosted IP
Welcome To the Cloud
Meeting Mobility Needs
Containing Costs With A Leading-Edge System
Connecting Distributed Office Locations
Empowering Business Phone Features
Customer and Technical Support
Reliability By Design
Easy Adoption and Onboarding
No-Contract Simplicity


It’s not often you can get a better service for less money, but it’s indeed the case with today’s leading hosted VoIP phone systems. While the cost savings can be significant, what empowers businesses like yours are typically the exceptional calling features, the reliable service and the excellent customer support. As you get further acquainted with the system, the prospects of improving operations continue – whether you’re using phone features to train staff, monitor call activity, keep mobile employees connected, or simply to better serve your customers.

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